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Back to School without Drugs - Part 1 of 3
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 @ 00:05:35 CDT
Topic: City & County Government & Zoning

A plan of action for parents with details on:
  • Instilling responsibility
  • Supervision
  • Recognizing drug use

    Written by the Pembroke Pines Crime Watch office

    A Plan of Action for Parents

    What Parents Can Do

    Instilling Responsibility
  • Teach standards of right and wrong and demonstrate these standards through personal example.
  • Children who are brought up to value individual responsibility and self-discipline and to have a clear sense of right and wrong are less likely to try drugs than those who are not.

  • Help children to resist peer pressure to use drugs by supervising their activities, knowing who their friends are, and talking with them about interests and problems.
  • When parents take an active interest in their children's behavior, they provide the guidance and support children need to resist drugs.

    Recognizing Drug Use
  • Be knowledgeable about drugs and signs of drug use. When symptoms are observed, respond promptly.
  • Parents are in the best position to recognize early signs of drug use in their children. Parents who suspect their children are using drugs often must deal with their own emotions of anger, resentment, and guilt. Frequently they deny the evidence and postpone confronting their children. Yet the earlier a drug problem is found and faced, the less difficult it is to overcome.


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